Berry Bowl Round Up

Anyone else ready for spring and all that it brings? Last week when the sun was out, it had me thinking about warmer weather and fresh berries. That led me down a rabbit hole of scrolling for pretty springy things. I bought the ones above and one other on the list below!

Here's some more pretty berry bowls and colanders you didn't know you needed!

tip: Click or tap the photos to go directly to the source!

Here are the ones I bought! I included 2 sources. 

Click or tap this one if you want the set of 3!

berry bowl

Choose this one if you want to buy them individually

berry bowl
I love this gorgeous handmade one with with that loopy handle!

berry bowl

I love the horizontal hole pattern on this one!

slotted berry bowl

I may or may not have ordered this black colander.  Its about 11" diameter so great for pasta and everyday kitchen duty!

black strainer colander

Here's another handmade berry colander and is so cute! You need to click on this one to see it from the side!

This one comes with a wood handles mesh strainer!

white berry colander

Love the size of these handmade berry bowls

Love this gray one, its also a little bigger at almost 10" diameter

large gray stoneware colander

Look at this pretty one with the loopy handles!

berry bowl with loopy handles

How about this enamel one with the pretty shaped holes is too pretty

enamel colander

Well?  Which one is your favorite!? Or can you pick a favorite?

Here is a link to my Like to Know it page if you prefer to shop from there!

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