Bath Time. Jen Style.

Team bath? Or team no bath?  This seems to be a hot debate.  I get it, I'm a bit of a germaphobe so truth be told I shower before I jump into the tub. No one wants to soak in the days dirt, right?

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I don't often have extra time to set aside for a pampering bath, so when I do get the chance to carve out some me time, I like to make it an experience.  The whole thing.  Give me the candles, the plants, amazing salts, scented oils and I'm gonna live it up.

Oh and don't forget a little screen time! Netflix and candles, yes please!

Honestly, my daughters love to come and sit and girl chat as soon as I get in a bath so I don't always get to zone out on shows. But I wouldn't trade those mom and daughter chat moments for the world.

The fern in the bottle is no longer available so I would buy THIS FERN and trim a piece off.  Then I would buy THIS BOTTLE.

The boards I use for my tub shelf are from an old crate.  The whole thing is actually the lid.  I love the worn white paint and natural wood tone.  It also has some worn black writing across the top that I can't quite make out.  I love the soul that it adds to the clean lines.

The black stool is almost sold out so don't wait!  Also, some of these bath mat sizes are on clearance, check so them out.

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