Black Buffet & New Knobs + a peek at the master bedroom

Hey all!  I wanted to share to these gorgeous new knobs I bought for the buffet I recently painted.  I still can't find a dresser that I like that's in our budget so we dragged this piece out of the garage.  I was planning on fixing it up and selling it.  Instead, I put it to work in our master bedroom. I painted it with Athenian Black ASCP.

You can find links for most of these items at the bottom of the post. ❤️

I needed knobs that would look good in the oval shaped carvings on the drawer panels. When I came across these marble and brass oval knobs, I knew immediately that they would be perfect!

I love them so much that I bought enough to do the whole set of lower cabinets in our kitchen!  I'm hoping to receive them by next week.  I'll share how the look in the kitchen in a different blog post next week.

The mirror in this photo was an anniversary gift several years ago.

The rug was purchased on clearance at Fred Meyer. I'ts called Ankara by LOLOI.  I couldn't find it to link for you.

**All sources are at the bottom of this post

I brought these Jo Malone scents back from London.  At the store in London you can pick the cap for your scent choice and have it engraved with your initials. I set them in this old cheese mold for easy access. Aren't they pretty?

Here's a little look at the current bedding situation.  I haven't bought any bedding for our bed since moving into the new house.  Except for the green linen pillows there, I'll link those down below.  I borrowed the long lumbar pillow from my oldest daughters room for the photo. 

I also still need a rug that fits the room, I haven't found on that I love yet.

I'm thinking about redoing these bedside dressers like Jenna did here.  We bought these right before the covid shut down.  It was the only thing I could find to get us through until we can get what we really want. I mean, I don't mind assembling furniture but those were something else.

We bought the concrete lamps in Las Vegas for $30 marked down from $200 each.  They look a lot like the ones down below!  Then we paired them with some affordable lamp shades.

I built the bed several years ago.  I have always meant to share the build plans but haven't gotten around to it.  I created the build plans to fit our needs.  Jeannine is working on a similar one right now.  I think she's going to share the plans for it too so check her ig out.

Also, I was planning on painting the bed black but I haven't had time to yet.  Do you think I should paint it?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Here are all the sources, just click the image! 👇👇👇

Brass Oval Cabinet Knob Naila Brass and White image 3

Bunny Williams Trinket Box

2 Hole Wooden Sugar Mold Wood Candle Holder Primitive Cheese image 2

Oversized Lumbar Pillow - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia - image 1 of 4

New Americana - by  Holly Kuhn (Hardcover) - image 1 of 2

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