My Favorite Taper Candle Holder!

Happy Saturday! 

In our house, I'm always up before the rest of the clan.  Even on the weekends.  I love it because it gives me a head start on the day.  I get to have quiet time coffee and peacefully plan out the day.  Even the dogs go back to bed after I let them out.  It's calm and steady and all I can hear are the sounds of the house settling.

Once I get my morning routine on the way, I turn on the music. I have fond memories of my dad doing this.  It gently sends the message that its time for breakfast!

My kids can tell by my music choices if the music means food or cleaning 😂

Anyway! I wanted to share this shot of my living room today because this morning while I was scrolling over coffee, I discovered that my favorite taper candle holder is on sale! 

Actually its on clearance which means this is the last time you'll be able to get it. Its taking all my restraint not to buy a second one because I know that 2 would look amazing intertwined! 

ps: I made the coffee table!  And you'll never guess how!  Stay tuned!!!

Here are the links!

sculptural chrome candle holder

beeswax taper candles

handmade beeswax tapered candles

sphere magnifier

felt and leather packaged playing cards

vintage tapered dough bowl

nepal pillar taper candle sticks

made for living book

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