Casual Tablescape with DIY Napkin Rings and Placemats

This DIY is for all my neutral loving friends looking to create a classy but casual tablescape.

When I put together a spread, it's important to me that my family and guests feel welcome.   There is nothing worse than going to someones home and worrying about where to sit or if you're underdressed. OR that you'll ruin something!

To me, this is a welcoming tablescape.

The napkin fringe says fun.  The vintage plates add shine and a touch of chintz.  The napkins say go ahead and use me.  A little secret... the napkins are hand towels!  The recycled glass cups are elevated but chill and feel good in hand.  The diy napkin rings and heirloom antique gold plated flatware add a laid back classy vibe that I am completely smitten with.  

I still can't believe that the charger/ placemats are made from $7 of vinyl. One yard will yield 15 round 13" diameter mats!   That's 46 cents each!

Click or Tap this image 👇 to watch a video of my table and how I made the charger/placemats.

Click or Tap this 👇 this image to watch how I made the napkin rings.


My Dining Table (purchased at the outlet, I would never pay this much)

Similar Dining Table (The Best Parsons Table)

Dining Chairs  |   Upholstered Dining Chair  |   Gray Plates  |  

Placemats/Chargers (Watch DIY ig reel)  |   Napkin Rings (Watch DIY ig reel)  |    

Clear Plates (similar)  |   Pink   Clear Plates  (similar)  |   Throw Pillow (similar to mine)  |   2 Tone Pillow (similar to mine)




Cream Vinyl  (I used 1 yard) |   Compass (to make a perfect 13" circle)  |   Scrap Leather Strips   (I used this)  | Leather Lace Spool  (more predictable)  |   Dowel (I used 1-1/8")

**I suggest going in store to purchase the scrap pack because the colors and type vary.   If you want the same leather as mine, choose the spool.

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