Hi everyone!

I wanted to put this here because I've been getting so many questions about sources on our porch that I have been sharing through instagram stories here

Not everything is an affiliate link or linkable through the Like to know it app.  So it's just easier to lay it all out here so I can provide you ALL the sources.  Along with some others that might be helpful in case some things are out of stock.

First.  I want to say that our porch isn't finished.  There's still landscaping to do and things to be added. Throw pillows to make or buy. A DIY lighting feature from one of my thrifts you won't see until next week.

So these sources are to tide you over until our porch project is finished!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Dm me here.


-My porch rug size is the 7x10

-The striped rug is a back up to the diamond dotted rug that's on my porch.

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